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Volunteer Programme: Sport for Social Development

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World Parks, World Cup has teamed up with Aspect Africa as a way to help WPWC focus on getting sustainable funding through a volunteer and community programme which is owned by the community.



Volunteer placements are rural, very rural, Zimbabwe being  EVEN more rural, so you get to experience and feel the rhythms of authentic rural Africa up close and personal.


South Africa: Work with World Parks, World Cup on their sport for social development project and assist in primary schools across 6 villages in the Mutele Tribal Area & Makuleke Tribal Area - bordering the Kruger National Park and Makuya Nature Reserve, near to the Zimbabwe and Mozambique borders. (between 800m to 30 km from the world-famous Kruger National Park)


Zimbabwe: Work with the Malipati Development Trust in primary and secondary schools as well as a sport for social development and education outside the classroom programme whilst staying in the  Malipati Communal Area - Bordering Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe’s second biggest reserve at 5,000 sq km and the Malipati Wilderness Area a buffer zone between Gonarezhou and the Malipati Community.


Volunteers can expect: an in-depth cultural experience, assisting teachers in local primary schools in South Africa and primary & secondary schools in Zimbabwe as well as working with the local WPWC’s coordinator in each country on the football for social impact programme as well as help WPWC and the MDT on improving and refining their community programmes. 



Volunteers are needed to help with sports for social development with:

Local primary schools and secondary schools in Zimbabwe

Youth clubs/groups

Football (under 14 and 17)

Netball (under 14 and 17)


Topics volunteers will help address through 

Gender Equality



Youth motivation



Area of operation 

South Africa:  Mutele Area

Mozambique: Pafuri Area

Zimbabwe: Sengwe Area


Accommodation per 2 volunteers 

South Africa: Host Family

Mozambique: Crooks Corner Lodge 

Zimbabwe: Camping/Host family



4  to 8 weeks. 



Costs - 4 to 8 weeks

From £1800/$2,400  to £2,800/$3,600

20% deposits required  


Visa’s Required

South Africa: Free on arrival if volunteer duration less than 90 days.

If volunteers chose Zimbabwe your visa cost will is covered.


Special events

Regional playoffs for GLTP Regional Championship Finals

GLTP Pafuri Region Championship Finals

Peace Day

World Aids Day

Mandela Day


Volunteers must  have prior to travel


Insurance organised

Malaria prevention

Any vaccinations needed



Precautions (this placement has risk)

Malaria Area

Big 5 Area, wild animals are not fenced in, in the areas we operate in Mozambique or Zimbabwe



Very hot 40’c September - May

Winter 27’c June - August

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