2016 Champions: Pafuri Border, Mozambique

The exciting inaugural games were hosted in Mozambique on February 20th, a very hot day of 46'c. Fortunately for the teams, 25 minute halves were played to fit 12 games into the day's play.


The Mozambique teams from the beginning came out playing very strong, with good discipline and moves.  Pafuri Border Team of Mozambique became the first GLTFP Pafuri Regional Champions. 


Limpopo National Parks of Mozambique came in at a very close second, just losing out in their second game with a draw.


Mugumbane, from Mozambique, came in at a well earned third place. KNP/SAPS, the only South African team, came in at fourth.


All teams look forward to participating in the 2017 Pafuri Regional Championship. To find out more click the link below; 2017.



First Prize: R2,500 (Pafuri, Moz)


Second Prize: R1,500 (LNP, Moz)


Third Prize: R750 (Mugumbane, Moz)


Fourth Prize: R750 (KNP/SAP, ZA)


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