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World Parks, World Cup works closely with schools in communities to develop a network of regionally and internationally connected schools.


By involving schools throughout rural Africa in close proximity to protected areas, dots can be connected to create a new network of schools linked by conservation, football and, friendship.


It is WPWC's aim to work with our supporters and other partners to develop an anti-poaching message to schools as well as gender equality and climate change messages through sport as a driver for social development.


We aspire to set up a network of schools who will join together in competitions, exchanges and, campouts so students can explore, understand, and learn how to comprehend the changing environment around them.   


Most importantly we want to create an environment where students are given the best tools as how to understand and adapt to a changing world around them and the new challenges it brings with it.



Communities come together from different cultures and countries, realizing that they share the same spirit and memories past.  Communities unite to enjoy a shared tournament, sell food, drinks, and local metshema (lala palm wine).


The regional and international tournaments allow communities to create a much needed economic injection, which can be enjoyed by all.


Working with willing communities with established local institutions is paramount for World Parks, World Cup and for the success of our outreach programmes.


WPWC allows for local communities to participate in regional and international tournaments, to come together, sell their wares, relax together and watch football together.  Regional playoffs and the international finals create a much need economic injection for the communities and the teams playing.


WPWC endeavours to work with the wider community including park authorities, local communities and other locally functioning community NGO's.

Youth Groups


One of World Parks, World Cup aims is to work with and develop local youth groups to give motivation, direction and, access to the wider world.


Youth involvement from the inception of World Parks, World Cup in each country has been vital as a driver for self-motivation to improve skills and be part of a positive change for social impact.  Many of the youth, especially men, will be in teams participating in the games thereby opening up avenues for others to be involved in different aspects of the competition.


World Parks, World Cup works closely with the Mutale Youth Group in South Africa.  Local youth groups are an enormous help in organising the Pafuri Regional Championships.  

Local Leagues


Every community enjoys lively local league games throughout the year; practicing weekly, perfecting moves and training new members that are inspired by the momentum that World Parks, World Cup has garnered.  


The introduction of World Parks, World Cup: Pafuri Regional Champions has created new enthusiasm among local teams.


To hold our tournaments we must work closely with the local leagues so as not to disrupt or interfere with the local football league timetable.


Working with and developing teams which play in the local leagues, improving coaching techniques and methods is a primary focus for us.  WPWC intends to partner with our local supporters and external organisations to develop a sports for social impact programme.  


WPWC looks forward to working and growing local leagues and teams to promote and encourage them and future players so they can have a social development impact now and in the future.

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