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2017 started off great and it's been getting better and better!  We kicked off the year by cementing a 3-year partnership with Coaches Across Continents, CAC, who will be implementing their Hat-trick Initiative.

Coaches Across Continents come to Crooks Corner, Pafuri. In July we had our first on-field training with Coaches Across Continents, 1 week in South Africa and 1 week in Zimbabwe. To convey the impact of this on-field training in a single newsletter is impossible! 

The 2017 Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park Pafuri Championship, was another great success in bringing communities from across the region together through football.   This year we were very excited to welcome Chishenya team from Zimbabwe, who crossed the Limpopo River river to join us, luckily the river wasn't flowing yet!

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