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Creating lasting development among communities in the Pafuri Node of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park through sport.


World Parks/World Cup endeavours to harness the power of sport, to instil in students the ability to think critically, to seek solutions to issues which are relevant to their communities, and to connect conservation and climate change awareness across cross-border communities in the Transfrontier Conservation Area of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTP).


South Africa: Makuleke, Mutele and Ha-Makuya  Zimbabwe: Malipati and Sengwe Communities

Mozambique: Pafuri Communities

Based in Pafuri, the heart of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area, southern Africa, WPWC works with communities bordering the national parks with make up the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park; Kruger in South Africa, Gonarezhou in Zimbabwe and Parque Nacional Do Limpopo in Mozambique.


Our journey began in February 2016, when we held our inaugural Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park Regional Football Championship in Pafuri, Mozambique. This tournament spurred us on, as we saw the benefits which sport brings to communities, especially to the young and the youth.


Over time our vision has changed, we now not only hold cross border events for communities and the young and the youth we also now focus on working with schools and communities directly and so far impact on 500 children on a weekly basis across the region.  


As we enter 2020 we will be starting the first ever cross-border football league for girls from 18 primary schools in the region, this will boost the morale of 270 girls, it will be theirs, the only extra-curricula activity for girls across the region.​


We invite you to join us on this journey to share our highs and lows, to meet the teams, the coaches, communities and most importantly the players.



Vincent Mudzanani

Vincent Mudzanani

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Community Clean up Bennde-Mutale

Community Clean up Bennde-Mutale

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Tshilidzi TED Ed Student Led Talk

Tshilidzi TED Ed Student Led Talk

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Scary Soccer

Scary Soccer

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 World Parks, World Cup in action

Increasing participation in sports is crucial; to improve overall general health, to educate on how to live healthily and how our bodies work.  Our curriculum works to improve health and well-being

Climate Change is happening, across the globe, we must face up to its challenges.  Starting a dialogue with the next generation is vital.  Through our curriculum, we will be able to engage the next generation. across the GLTP.

With all our local coaches trained in sports for social impact, we are able to engage and help children to think critically, and to find solutions through problem-solving, thereby improving their overall education.

Poaching is a huge problem across the region, children learn from a young age. We aim to challenge this, to educate about conservation to make participants  ‘Citizens for Conservation’ across the area. 

Gender equality is core to our mission; to challenge stereotypes and to empower girls in some of the most rural and remote parts of  Southern Africa. Creating a league specific for girls across the region is a small step we can do to help.

Partnership for the goals is crucial, as only together can we achieve them. We are forming partnerships, from community-based organisations, to local businesses National Parks Authorities and international bodies.

Partners for the Goals

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Friends of Mutale is a grassroots humanitarian organization designed to facilitate local access to education and a better quality of life for the young and the youth of the area.  


FOM projects consists of operating a Learning Centre, with after-school programmes for primary and secondary school students.


Based in Bennde Mutale, the most northeastern village in South Africa, it operates in the heart of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park. Friends of Mutale initiated the World Parks World Cup programme in 2016 as a way to engage more children in the area and to engage more girls in sport and long-term education.

Coaches Across Continents is a unique NGO that provides process consultancy, year-round strategic resources, and implementation delivery to empower organizations to create legacies of social change.

Our Community Legacy Team partners with hundreds of community organizations in more than 40 countries to Design, Develop and Implement year-round sport for social impact programs. Our strategic resources from our Chance to Choice and ASK for Choice Initiatives empower local communities to address key social issues like women's and child rights, gender equity, conflict prevention, health and wellness, and vital life skills enabling them to choose their own future.


The Malipati Development Trust, based in Zimbabwe, is our local community-based organisation which helps to implement or Education Outside the Classroom and Purposeful Play project designed and developed with the help of Coaches Across Continents.  


The Malipati Development Trust is an official partner with the Gonarezhou Conservation Trust and Chiredzi District Council and is recognized as the main community-based organisation in the area.

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The Makuleke Communal Property Association is based in North Esat of South Africa and is our local community-based organisation which we have partnered with to bring the WPWC project to the schools, drop-in centres of the area.


The Makuleke Communal Property Association is the official owner of the concession area in the Pafuri Triangle and has partnered with Return Africa,  The Outpost and Eco-Training to preserve and share these lands with the world at large as well as providing important employment for the Makuleke people.

The Kruger National Park probably the most famous park in the world is 380 kilometers long, has 2 million people living along its boundary, the KNP is tasked with a huge mandate to protect wildlife and to make sure communities see the benefits of this wildlife.

The KNP assist the local communities we work with free entrance to the park for educational days and for events held across the border in Mozambique.    In 2017 the park assisted the WPWC project with allowing over 300 children and community member to enter the park for free, without this assistance the WPWC project would not be able to happen.

Michael Johnson Young Leaders is providing underprivileged young people from around the world with the confidence, skills and resources to achieve a better future for themselves by focusing on sporting performance, leadership and community.


Our very own Tshilidzi is a graduate of the MJYLA 2017 and receives continued support for his local community work initiating access to football for girls.


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Aspect Africa is the action arm of World Parks, World Cup and Friends of Mutale to help our projects create a pathway to sustainable funding for our overheads and unrestricted funding through a very well designed and developed volunteer programme.  

Aspect Africa has over 25 years of experience in volunteering in Africa from Sudan, Tanzania and South Africa.

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