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A new plan is being formulated for the 2017 games, with more of an emphasis on three regional playoff tournaments, selecting a champion from each country. Each country champion will play in a finals tournament against the 2016 title holder; four teams in total.


We plan for Zimbabwe to participate in the 2017 games, which will complete the circle of all countries within the GLTP being involved. With Zimbabwe, the Pafuri Regional Championship adds to the long history of cultural and ethnic interaction between the different people of the area.


With Zimbabwe added to the 2017 line-up, the tournament will be made up of the following:


Countries: South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe 

Communities: Mutele, ZA; Pafuri, MZ and Sengwe, ZW

Parks: Limpopo National Park, Kruger National Park and Gonarezhou National Park, Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park

Law Enforcement:  South African Police Service, Pafuri; Pafuri Border, Mozambique. 


Mozambique chapions, Southern Africa, World Parks, World Cup

2017 GAMES

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