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World Parks World Cup - South Africa is a registered NPO in  South Africa 230-875 NPO

World Parks, World Cup is originally the  initiative of  Friends of  Mutale, a UK registered charity #1129965

Contact us on: +27 (0)78 793 7284 or email: admin@worldparksworldcup.org

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Our journey began in February 2016, when we held our inaugural Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park Regional Football Championship in Pafuri, Mozambique. This tournament spurred us on, as we saw the benefits which sport brings to communities, especially to the young and the youth.

We are based in Pafuri, the heart of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area

We currently work with 4 communities from 3 countries; South Africa, Zimbabwe and, Mozambique and our impact in the region is growing each day, month and, year.


To date we have:


                       Trained 74 local teachers/coaches in Sport for Social Impact

                       Impacted on 30 primary schools

                       Reached 1,800 children

                       120 children attended our International Women's Day -8th March 2017

                       160 children attended our International day of Peace - 21st September                              2017 and 2018 

                       200 children attended our World AIDs day - 1st December 2017

                       Held the first GLTP International Female Under 21 tournament

                       Taken 360 children through the Kruger National Park 

                       Had a local coach selected and attend the Michael Johnson Young Leaders                        Academy in Dallas, Texas

                       Had another local coach complete a 9 month online Sport for Social Impact                        programme run by Coaches Across Continents

                       Raised 50 ultra-durable footballs


We invite you to join us on this journey to share our highs and lows, to meet the teams, the coaches, communities and most importantly the players.


 World Parks, World Cup in action

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